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This piece, which is dedicated to my daughter Marie, is to a large extent inspired by the instruments used to perform it: a shamanic drum and a series of eight Tibetan bowls. I occasionally play these instruments myself in conjunction with the piano at my improvisation concerts. The structure of the piece is a simple alternation between very wild passages, which remind the listener of the recourse in Shamanism to a frenzied and repetitive style of playing the drum, and of other very meditative moments that combine the magic and vibrant sounds of the Tibetan bowls with the harmonies and resonances of the piano.

Extract «Karma»



  • Work for piano and percussion (Tibetan bowls and Shamanic drum), 2016.
  • Approximate duration : 7 min.
  • Level of difficulty : 5 (1= facile, 9 = difficile)
  • 12 pages (with separate part)