Pianist & composer




Born in 1964 in Fribourg, Switzerland, into a family of musicians, he started playing the piano at the age of four, initially playing by ear all the music he heard being played around him and in doing so finding a way that would subsequently lead him to his current focus on improvisation and composition.



For a musician with a love for all kinds of musical expression, composition came relatively late in life. His first composition, ‘Cinq haïkus pour piano’, dates from November 2012. Almost from the start he nevertheless forged a very personal style of composition, characterised by strong formal coherence and an immediate, expressive impact – a style as far removed from atonal avant-garde as it is from some of the blander neo-tonal styles of composition. His first compositions were met with immediate public acclaim and numerous musicians expressed their interest in his music by commissioning pieces from him. The Concours international de piano de Fribourg, Jeune Musique,chose one of his compositions for one of the set pieces of its 2018 edition.



All Olivier Lattion’s musical scores and his double album ‘A Silent Wood’ (2018) and ‘Le Silence de Cristal’ (2021) are readily available from the Editions Rochebrune online shop.

His scores are printed on high-quality paper to ensure best possible readability and durability.