Olivier Lattion – Pianist & composer



For a musician with a love for all kinds of musical expression, composition came relatively late in life. His first composition, ‘Cinq haïkus pour piano’, dates from November 2012. Almost from the start he nevertheless forged a very personal style of composition, characterised by strong formal coherence and an immediate, expressive impact – a style as far removed from atonal avant-garde as it is from some of the blander neo-tonal styles of composition. His first compositions were met with immediate public acclaim and numerous musicians expressed their interest in his music by commissioning pieces from him. The Concours international de piano de Fribourg, Jeune Musique, chose one of his compositions for one of the set pieces of its 2018 edition.


He founded the publishing company Editions Rochebrune, which has been publishing his works and recordings with exclusive rights since February 2018. On 18 February, it released his double album ,‘A Silent Wood’.



  • Work for solo piano “Hymne de l’univers”, for the inauguration of the new piano in the library of the Albertinum, Fribourg.
  • Work for solo harp.
  • Work for saxophone and piano for the ‘duo Vulcain’ (Simon Engel and Daphné Widmer Fragnière)

Complete list of works

by chronological order

R1001, Cinq Haïkus, for solo piano, 2012

R1002, Shadows and Voices from the Sun, for solo piano, 2013

R1003, Le château des brouillard, for two pianos, 2013

R1004, Averse de pétales, for SATB choir, 2013

R1005, Ephemeris, for electronic tape and piano, 2015

R1006, Dies Irae, for electronic tape and piano, 2015

R1007, The Ladder of Tranquility, for electronic tape and piano, 2015

R1008, A l’unisson du ciel, for solo piano, 2016

R1009, A Silent Wood, for solo piano, 2016

R1010, Trois pièces d’après “Wuthering Heights”, for solo guitar, 2016

R1011, La nuit n’est jamais complète, for alto voice and piano, 2016

R1012, Dynamic curves preludes, for fortepiano or piano, 2016

R1013, Merveilleux nuages, for violin and piano, 2016

R1014, Coeur à Coeur, for solo piano, 2016

R1015, Karma, for piano and percussion, 2016

R1016, Sonate spatiale, for solo piano, 2017

R1017, Douze pièces faciles d’après Jules Verne, for solo piano, 2017

R1018, Vitrail, for piano and tenor (or alto) saxophone, 2018

R1019, Le silence de cristal, four-hand piano, 2018

R1020, Hymne de l’univers, for solo piano, 2018

R1021, Moonphase Trio, for piano, violin and cello, 2019

R1022, Motet aux Saints Apôtres Pierre et Jean, for men’s choir, 2019

R1023, Berceuse pour …, for solo piano, 2019

R1024, Ombre, for flute, viola, harp and piano, 2019

R1025, Trois pièces d’après «Wuthering Heights», for solo harp, 2021