Hymne de l’univers

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For this suite of pieces for solo piano, I allowed myself to be freely inspired by the text with the same title that features in one of the Greek supplements to the Book of Daniel (Daniel 3, 56-90). This grandiose text. which urges all the elements and all living creatures to give praise, infuses into the piece descriptive accents (“Souffles et Vents”, “Eclairs et Nuées”) as well as special atmospheres and climates (“Les Anges de l’Univers”, “Les Astres du Ciel”). When I take a text as a starting point for a composition, be it religious or literary, my approach is purely instinctive or even, I could say, emotional. I become totally influenced by the climate that it creates, by what it evokes in me, and from there derive titles that can inspire a musical idea in me, providing the seed that germinates and develops into an entire piece of music.

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  • Work for piano, 2018.
  • Approximate duration : 19 min.
  • Level of difficulty : 8 (1= easy, 9 = hard)
  • 32 pages

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