A l’unisson du Ciel

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For me, as probably for all composers who confess to one or other form of spirituality, the act of composing music is not as solitary as it may seem. When I revisit a piece of music I had written some months or years previously, I sometimes have the feeling that I am not its sole composer. In fact, I have the distinct feeling that it is impossible that I could be the only one to have worked on it! To be ‘at one with the universe’ therefore means being in touch with the source of creativity that enables me to go beyond my own abilities (technique, knowledge, sensitivities, etc.). Such transcendence can only originate in a higher creative force… a feeling of connection that I feel especially strongly in this piece with its pronounced mystic impulses. It is written as a tribute to Jehan Alain, a profoundly spiritual composer whose work and personality resonate within me in a very special way.

Extract «A l’unisson du Ciel»


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  • Work for solo piano, 2016
  • Approximate duration : 4 min. 30
  • Level of difficulty : 6 (1= easy, 9 = hard)
  • 5 pages.