Cinq Haïkus

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‘Cinq Haïkus’ is the first composition I published. Although I had been very creative in my improvisations – which enabled me to dispense with a score that at times I found excessively constraining – until then I had never felt any need to commit my musical imagination to paper.

Then one night I saw myself in a dream with surprising clarity composing music, setting down and giving form to ideas that had always come to me naturally when improvising. The desire and need to write then grew, became rooted within me, and have since never left me.

Given my lack of practical experience in writing music, letting myself be inspired by minimalist poems such as haikus seemed reassuring to me. These five pieces have somehow gone beyond the original idea of extreme conciseness linked with a strict economy of means, without, nevertheless, becoming excessively complex.


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  • Work for solo piano, 2012
  • Approximate duration : 10 min.
  • Level of difficulty : 6 (1= easy, 9 = hard)
  • 14 pages.