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The work ” Vitrail “, for piano and saxophone, was written at the demand of Daphné Widmer Fragnière (piano) and Simon Engel (saxophone), who premiered it on 14 April 2018 at the Villa Liebegg, Männedorf (Zürich).

In the first part, “Lueurs”, the piano produces, by means of notes spread across a wide range of the keyboard and clouds of very close sounds, a flickering effect of acoustic colours within which the saxophone plays its own melodic lines, expressing the fusion of forms and colours characteristic of the art of the stained-glass window.

In “Lueurs” too, in particular in the final part where the piano plays alone, the music evokes the mystical and magical atmosphere that is created by the beams of colours formed as the outside light filters through the stained glass.

In the second part, “Kaléidoscope”, while retaining the acoustic atmosphere of the magic created by the light beaming through the window, I have let myself be inspired by the geometric forms that structure the window through the abundant use of repetitive motifs played alternately by the two instruments and the contrasting and angular passages present in the piano part.

Extracts of “Vitrail”



  • Work for piano and tenor (or alto) saxophone, 2018
  • Approximate duration : 8 min. 30
  • Level of difficulty : 6 (1= easy, 9 = hard)
  • 27 pages (with separate parts for tenor and alto saxophone)