Shadows and Voices from the Sun

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This quite dark and anxious piece is absolutely not a musical portrait of Guy-Philippe Ayer, who was a radiant and joyful person, but rather a description of the disarray into which his accidental death plunged not only me but everyone who knew and loved him. As a tribute to Guy-Philippe, I slipped into my composition two allusions to pieces he had written for D.I.F., the jazz fusion group he founded in the 1980s. Interesting anecdote: I had already chosen the title and written the first 15 bars of this piece long before I had the idea of adding these musical quotations. Almost immediately after, I found in the large volume of D.I.F. scores the two extracts that would allow me to continue with this short piece: ‘Cold Light’ and to finish, ‘Voices’. Only later did I notice the parallelism between the title of my composition ‘Shadows and Voices from the Sun’ and those of the two pieces written by Guy-Philippe!

Extract «Shadows and Voices from the Sun» :


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  • Work for solo piano, 2013
  • Approximate duration : 4 min. 30
  • Level of difficulty : 6 (1= easy, 9 = hard)
  • 4 pages.