Moonphase Trio

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The various climates and atmospheres to be heard in “Moonphase trio” issue from three of the principal phases of the moon that inspired me: crescent moon, black moon and full moon. Composed between October 2018 and January 2019, the trio is made up of three short movements structured in the conventional fast-slow-fast format. Little by little I realised as I composed this piece, without ever having had the intention, that several themes or motifs providing thematic material in one of the three movements demanded to reappear later in the piece, mostly in very different forms and contexts. It is therefore possible to qualify “Moonphase trio” as a cyclical work, one that harmonises all the more with its initial source of inspiration, the moon.

The trio is dedicated to Paula Novoa (violin) and Sebastian Diezig (cello) who played at its first performance at the Belvédère in Fribourg on 7 April 2019 with the composer at the piano.

Crescent Moon :

Everything is growing in this first movement: first the nuances, going from a nebulous pianissimo at the beginning to a dazzling fortissimo at the end; then the tempo, initially indicated as “slow and mysterious”, which then accelerates progressively, arriving at a turbulent and tumultuous end. In parallel, the hazy atmosphere of the beginning gradually dissipates, revealing much clearer-cut lines and themes.

Black Moon :

As suggested by its title, this is a distinctly dark movement, of which the principal theme, initially shared between the piano and the violin and later on played by the cello alone, is taken up again at the end of the third movement, played in a way to give the trio an intense and majestic conclusion.

Full Moon :

Full Moon is an extremely rhythmic and energic movement where the almost brutal introductory motif metamorphoses in a way to provide the basis for the central part, indicated as “dark and mysterious”, in which the atmosphere evokes the enigmatic obscurity of the hidden face of the moon.


  • Trio for violin, cello and piano, 2019
  • Approximate duration : 15 min
  • Level of difficulty : 7 (1= easy, 9 = hard)
  • 49 pages (with separate parts)